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We asked you, the students and teachers,
for your opinions on the issues in this upcoming election.

Gun Control

  • w-shi-andrew-murray

    I think we are close to where it should be. I don’t think that automatic weapons are something we ever need. Background checks are nice, and those I think can definitely be tightened because you can never really do enough to make sure the person getting (guns) is worthy of it. But, I don’t have any issue with anyone having them, as long as it’s within the privacy of their own home, or permits are needed to carry it just like you would if you were a hunter or fisher.” 
  • w-shi-dulce-crane

    “I believe that gun control is kind of necessary, but then again kind of not because we are going to do whatever we want anyway. You’re not really going to stop it. We have the freedom to say whatever we want, so shouldn’t we have the freedom to do whatever we want? And by issuing gun control, that would take away from that.” 


  • w-shi-noah-sim

    My opinion on immigration is that illegal immigration should not occur, but legal immigration where the people who want to immigrate do all the necessary tasks that they need in order to immigrate, should be able to.” 
  • Aren’t we just the one country that’s all immigration? So why can’t we just increase that melting pot? I think immigration is kind of healthy for us, (so) I don’t think what you should do is kick them out.” 


  • w-shi-sara-rust

    Less car use and more walking and getting out to nature more can help. Stop building buildings where there don’t need to be buildings, leave some of the trees and some of the forest areas. For example, right at 86th and Meridian they tore down all those trees, so that’s all gone now unfortunately.” 
  • w-shi-jacob-fitzgerald

    For most people it’s hard for them to think of their future, especially for their kids or young people who live in the now, so I think the huge thing they can do is put a cost on some of the stuff, like put a cost on how much water you’re using, or how much energy you’re using. Make less efficient cars more expensive to drive, besides just the cost of gas. If you tax (natural resources), people will actually care if you put a money value on it.” 

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