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As high school students, some of us often have hundreds maybe even thousands of followers on social media. This can cause a lot of unnecessary pressure, regarding how often you post or what you want to post and sometimes, you want to post something that isn’t worth being shared with all of those people,  this is where a finsta comes in. An account with a lot less followers often just close friends, where this pressure is taken off.

A “finsta” or a fake instagram account is a rising trend. The idea of a finsta is incredible, really. One makes a second account, separate from an original account, that they usually only let their closest friends or acquaintances follow. The purpose of a finsta is to post whatever one desires, without the pressure and anxiety that comes with finding the perfect picture to use on Instagram. An account where the number of likes, posts, and quality of pictures doesn’t matter. It can also be described as a digital picture journal.

What is amazing about finstas is the urge to only let your closest friends follow them. In society, social media is a place where anxiety may sky rocket. Always wanting to get hundreds of likes and new followers in order to keep up with our peers can be a lot, and in some ways it is our own faults for putting such a drive in this matter. Our peers and other people we follow have set unwritten standards on how social media should or shouldn’t be run, and a finsta is a way to move away from this mindset.

One may question why you can’t just post what you would post on a finsta on a main account and just private the account, but often times a person’s main account still has more than just their closest group of friends on it. Teenagers in particular often have more than a thousand followers on their accounts, some that they know and others being classmates or coworkers despite not being close friends. The finsta has a more exclusive side to it than a regular private Instagram. While both require those who would like to follow the account to submit a request, more are denied than accepted by a finsta and often times the names of the accounts are funny and difficult to find.  Some accounts are more exclusive than others, but more often than not, if you aren’t close with the person you’re requesting to follow then you can expect them not to accept your follow request.

Also, a regular Instagram account has unsaid rules such as the “no more than one post a day” rule, or the “you should be followed by more people than you are following” rule. Even though these rules are pointless and seem silly, people feel inclined to follow these unwritten rules because that’s what everyone else is doing. A finsta is a way to get away from this logic, as well as the pressure and anxiety that comes with it.

The point of a finsta is still very questionable. Who cares about your personal life or what’s going on? That is what is amazing about social media: people have the option to unfollow accounts or not like posts. So in turn, making a more personal account and posting is almost therapeutic. You can share moments all the time without all of the pressure.


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