Speaking is only one of many ways to express.

We explore these different forms of expression and belief
in order to bring forth the diversity in your voice.

Finding Voice

Junior Lauren Alexander and sophomore Eric Bembenek find voice
through their participation in performing arts.

Unspoken, Unheard

But still expressed.
Students and teachers alike learn new forms of communication
through the annual Deaf Deaf World exhibition of American Sign Language.

Drumming // Duncan Hardy

Senior Duncan Hardy expresses his voice through playing percussion
 in a variety of different musical groups.

Technically Speaking

Senior Megan Lueking uses technology to speak, in spite of her non-verbal autism.

An Open Book

Students turn to creative writing as another outlet for expression.

Welcome to Finstagram

Senior columnist Gabby Perelmuter discusses finstas

Faceless Voices

Online platforms

Speak Out

Glossophobia, anxiety and fear of public speaking