Internet Smart

Internet stalking is a thing, a real scary thing. People can find any sort of information they want if they are determined to do so. In fact it’s so real that Instagram had to take away the location enabler on their users profiles during late 2016.

What does this mean for users? It means we have to be very careful. I know that I myself have said so many times things like “Why would anyone want to stalk me” or “How am I a target”. In reality, anyone who puts themselves out onto social media is a target regardless of whether or not we understand it. There are some messed up people in this world, and it is becoming clear that there are more of them than we ever expected.

However, this easy access to information can be used to our benefit. Like when looking for a roommate in college, you probably need to know if they are crazy or not, who wants to live with a psychopath? So in this case it is nice to be able to internet stalk every family member or friend that is on social media, but not stalking to the extent of hurting people physically.

With all things said, taking precautions is so necessary. Making your accounts private on Instagram and Twitter, or making all of your posts on Facebook only available to be viewed by your friends. Also making sure you’re not allowing random people to follow you is probably a good idea. All in all just be smarter than the stalker.

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