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For sophomore Olivia Price, makeup is something that has been around throughout her entire life. “Ever since I was little, I always wanted to put on my mom’s lipstick and her heels that were too big for me,” Price said.

She said her interest in makeup has continued throughout her life, and she still wears makeup on a regular basis. However, wearing makeup everyday is not always everybody’s cup of tea.

Senior Mariam Bari said, “Putting makeup on is a pretty low priority for me. I think getting dressed is slightly more important because I only have about two minutes to do that, and I still have to manage to catch the bus.”

The level of importance that makeup holds can differ. According to Price, one of her biggest motives for applying cosmetics on a daily basis is the extra confidence it can give.

“I think makeup makes me feel more confident because it just gives you a little something extra throughout your day,” Price said. “It just puts a bit of pep in my step knowing that I don’t look like an ogre.”

While some, like Price, believe makeup can be a self-esteem booster, others say it can just as easily be the opposite. Junior Ashley Yang said wearing makeup would cause her to be more self-conscious. Yang said she has never really worn makeup and does not know very much about it, so she fears that if she started wearing makeup, it would draw more attention to her.

Price agrees. “I do think that makeup changes the way that people perceive you because if you wear makeup everyday, and then one day you decide not to wear makeup, then people are a little confused. But also for people who don’t wear makeup, if they go to a school dance or something, and they show up with really nice makeup on, people are really shocked,” she said.

“I think makeup makes me feel more confident because it just gives you a little something extra throughout your day. It just puts a bit of pep in my step.”

Sophomore Olivia Price

According to Bari, finding a middle ground between wearing makeup and being barefaced can often be difficult. Although she does not wear makeup on a day-to-day basis, Bari will occasionally put on concealer to cover up a pimple or wear eyeliner on a day when she needs a bit of extra confidence.

“Makeup’s more just for yourself so that you stand up a little bit straighter,” Bari said. “When you’re not wearing it, you just have to remind yourself to stand up a little bit straighter, whereas when your eyeliner is winged, you just want to stand up straighter.”

According to senior Jumanah Anwar, makeup in general can also be a mask for people to hide what they do not like about themselves. Others, like Megan Logsdon, freelance makeup artist based in central Indiana, would only somewhat agree, with the stipulation that makeup can be used in different ways.

Logsdon said via email, “Makeup, if applied incorrectly, can most definitely act as a mask. Now, with so many Instagram artists and the like, it can be very difficult to discern what’s natural and what’s not. My main goal as an artist is to first and foremost enhance the natural beauty that’s already there, not to cover it and create something that’s never been there.”

According to Anwar, makeup is used in varying ways by different people. She said ultimately, whether or not people wear makeup and how they use it is completely up to them.

On one hand, makeup has the power to make people more certain of themselves throughout the day.

Logsdon said, “Makeup, when applied correctly, brings out the best features in each individual.”

On the other hand, makeup can cover up a person’s natural beauty as well. According to Bari, she feels the most organic when she is barefaced because she has no makeup to hide behind.

Bari said, “I think makeup is something that is unique to yourself, and you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. You should do what makes you the best version of yourself.”

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