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Freshman: What has been your high school experience?

Lio Krieger (Freshman)

I participated in marching band along with Jazz band and that’s about it I like them because they let me meet a lot of new friends. I want to continue marching band and jazz band in the future.

Connor McPherson (Freshman)

Well I’ve been in AVID and I went to homecoming. I’ve done nothing extra-curricular but I’ve been on a few fieldtrips with AVID I went to IUPUI, I went to Butler. I want to maintain a high GPA, I want to take psychology but I have to wait till junior year and I want to become a psychologist when I grow up.

Seniors: What has been your high school experience and what advice would you give to freshman?

Robin Berlier (Senior)

(High school was) not what I would have expected from movies. Because you expect clicks and all that drama and stuff and I found that that’s really not true, at least not at Carmel, it’s been pretty tame. I’ll ride out the rest of the year doing well in classes because I’ve already been accepted to a college, IUPUI, but mostly just ride out with at least a C in all my classes. I’d probably give (freshmen) the advice “Don’t try to fit everything into high school because it’s a lie that it’s the best four years of your life.” Like, there are people that say that and if you think that high school is the best four years of your life then you’ve wasted your life.

Nicole Chilemba (Senior)

I started all my clubs junior year just because I wanted to and GKOM was first thing and I really liked being a GKOM because of meeting new freshman and influencing them in a good way before they got to see what high school was really like. And then senior year I was the girls varsity basketball manager; that was fun while it lasted. My mom made me quite just ‘cause she said that it was too much work and she couldn’t keep up with my schedule and hers. I got to see new people, like, a whole new branch of what happens after school. I really didn’t do much throughout the four years but if I could redo it again, I’m not sure I want to, but if I could I would start doing clubs like freshman year or do a sport. The advice I would give to freshman is to start doing extracurricular activities as early as possible so you can meet new people, see the different ways of life and learn life lessons as you go. Because I have learned a lot from just random clubs and the girls on the basketball team.

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