A closer look at the upper crust of social media (@claire.estabrook)

Questions by Michelle Hong

When did you start gaining followers?

When I shot with Elliot (Choy ‘17), he had a lot of followers at the time, so that helped my reach. Our pictures together were getting featured on different Instagram photography pages which brought a lot of followers in, but at the time I was only maybe at a little bit over a thousand followers. (I) skyrocketed to 10,000 really fast within half  a month. (I) continued to work with him, and any work we did would get crazy notice. We both really don’t know why, it just kind of happened, which is awesome because him and I are really good friends.


Which social media is your favorite?

I’m always on Twitter and I love Twitter, but the interaction I have on Instagram with everybody who direct messages me and stuff. I try to talk to as many people who DM me as possible just ‘cause I like that connection with my followers. I think Instagram for sure is one of my favorites.


What’s it like having many followers?

It has its downfalls for sure ‘cause I don’t really notice that I have as many as I do, but obviously other people do. A lot of people at (CHS) are not a fan of my Instagram, but I think it’s fun because I get to meet so many different people. It sounds crazy, but I have crazy fan accounts that always contact me and talk to me so they’re always there to support me and have my back.


What are the benefits of social media?

Obviously connection. I’ve met my boyfriend through modeling, who I met (through) the photographer that we modeled together (for. I met the photographer) over social media, so it all ties together. I’ve met some of my best friends through social media especially Instagram. Obviously connecting with businesses and all that stuff, but if I put aside the modeling stuff, the people that come to me and say, “Hey, I see that you’ve dealt with this in your life or whatever,” they tell me their stories all the time. I get DMs of people saying, “They don’t know what to do, and I know that we don’t know each other and you probably won’t answer,” but I try to answer, and they’ll tell me everything and we’ll work through it or I’ll give them my number sometimes if that helps them and we’ll talk through it. It’s awesome seeing some of the reactions that people have.


What do you think are the downfalls of social media?

It’s so easy for someone to take (social media) either the wrong way or I get all the time, that I’m narcissistic and that I’m self-centered because I post pictures of myself, but that’s my business, that’s what I do. People don’t understand that because most kids, especially my age— like 17, 18-year olds— want to post pictures with their friends or pictures of artwork and all that stuff like their hobbies, their careers, stuff that they’re doing. I used to do that, but I really focus in on my modeling now because that’s what I base my social media off of. They all take that as I’m placing myself higher than them and I’m not, but it’s hard to make them see that way as well.

Photo by Richa Louis

(TOP) Model and senior Claire Estabrook begins her preparation for her photoshoots by putting on makeup. She said she frequently uses the Morphe palette for her eye shadow.

(MIDDLE) Estabrook moves on to straightening her hair. While she kept it straight for this photoshoot, she often curls her hair or puts it into bun.

(BOTTOM) Although she doesn’t add jewelry often, Estabrook finishes her preparation routine by topping off the look with some jewelry.

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