Who I Am

  • Although lacrosse is currently a club sport at CHS, it is still a passion for many. Among those passionate for lacrosse is sophomore Alex Hicks, who has been on the school team for two years.

    “I saw my little brother play (lacrosse) and I just thought it was really interesting,” Hicks said. “It was something different, and it seemed new and interesting and fun to me, so I thought maybe I could pick it up.”

    Although only on the CHS team for two years, Hicks has been playing lacrosse for five years. Hicks said her favorite part about playing lacrosse is the people she gets to meet.

    “It’s really just a great environment,” Hicks said. “All the people who come out really enjoy getting to learn the techniques and build their hand-eye coordination and their speed and athleticism. You get to have a really good time with some great people.”

  •  According to an article from Knoji Consumer Knowledge, an organization that provides information about shopping-involved hobbies, “Kids do [cosplay] naturally by dressing up to play a princess, a cowboy or an Indian. If you ever did that, you’ve already cosplayed.” But for sophomore Genevieve Zircher, cosplay is more than just a long-forgotten childhood activity. According to Zircher, cosplay is a hobby in which performers dress up as any character of their choice. Zircher is an avid cosplayer and captain of the CHS Cosplay Club.

    Zircher, whose favorite character to cosplay is Bee from “Bee and Puppycat,” has been cosplaying for two years and has attended many cosplay conventions, which are yearly gatherings of cosplayers and interested community members. She said her favorites are Anime Crossroads, Indiana Comic-Con and Indy Pop-Con.

    “I like how creative you get to be,” Zircher said. “You get a lot of confidence in yourself and you meet a whole lot of new people. The creativity and community are probably the best parts.”

  • w.jacko.jessieballard

    For some, making up lines and scenes in front of a live audience may seem like the most terrifying thing in the world. But for junior Jessica “Jessie” Ballard, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. As a member of the CHS Comedy Sportz team, Ballard participates in improvisational theatre, a form of performance where everything in the show is made up by the actors.

    “It gets my adrenaline pumping because there’s so much uncertainty, but it’s still fun because you’re with a bunch of people who know what they’re doing so you can feed off of each other really well,” Ballard said.

    Ballard encouraged students to come out and watch improvisational theatre events, including Comedy Sportz matches, which start in late February.

    “‘Improv’ is always way funnier than you think it’s going to be,” Ballard said. “And if you’ve seen it before, it’s never the same. It’s always 100 percent new.”

  •  Although broadcasting may seem more like a career option than a creative hobby, for senior Michael Davis, it’s both.

    “I decided to try out radio and I found I really enjoyed it,” Davis said. “It’s very creative, it’s a lot of freedom and I have a lot of fun doing it.”

    Davis also considers broadcasting as a career option for him in the future.

    “It’s given me a wider range of career paths,” he said. “I now have the option of going into sound or audio design, or I could go into a broadcasting job, like a news anchor or something like that.”

    Overall, Davis said broadcasting is a fun hobby that provides important benefits.

    “I think anyone can benefit from it,” Davis said. “It just makes you a more confident person and gives you the ability to sell yourself more as well.”