Holiday Dessert Traditions

“Every year my grandma makes this really good chocolate pudding, and she has Oreos and chocolate bars mixed into it and it’s really good. It’s really special because it is something that she started a few years ago. So now, every year before Christmas, we ask if she’s making it. It’s a fun thing we do together.”

Freshman Samantha Magee

“My family’s holiday dessert tradition is basically on the 23rd or 24th (of December), my mom, my sister and I will make buckeyes, which are basically chocolate on the outside and peanut butter on the inside. It’s super special and usually we will bring them to our family and our neighbors.”

Senior Tara Lacy

“Our family does a dessert progressive where we (go to) two or three or four different house of our relatives. We’ll start at one with a certain type of dessert, for example, chocolatey, and then we’ll go around to a different houses and try a different dessert, like pies or kringles. I think it’s really fun because I like moving around and having different foods.”

Senior Francie Elzinga

“One of the traditions we do is that every year my mom will get a box of cornflakes and marshmallow fluff from the store and mix it with caramel sauce. Then, she’ll dye them green and mix it all together and put red hots on the top so they look like little wreaths. This tradition means it’s time for Christmas and the holiday spirit is here.”

Senior Joe Blake

“My favorite holiday baking tradition is when me and my mom always make this dutch apple pie with a crumble crust, so the entire thing is handmade. It’s a fun tradition. Also, we go over to my neighbors house and make cinnamon rolls and eat them during the meal, so instead of dinner rolls we eat cinnamon rolls.

Senior Darby Roberts

“Usually, my family makes sugar cookies with cut outs and the whole nine yards. On Christmas Eve, we set some cookies out for Santa, which is a tradition passed down from my mom.”

Sophomore Lily McAndrews