Until Someone Gets Hurt

  •  I was outside; I was playing (basketball) with my friends, and then it started raining. I could hear the squeaking of my shoes, and I was like, ‘Oh, I should probably take them off.’ But I needed to grab one thing inside, so I just kept them on. I run in, real quick, and I passed my kitchen, and as soon as I was leaving the entryway of my kitchen, I slipped and hit my head on the granite. I didn’t feel it. I got up, and then I went to go get a towel and put it on my head, and it instantly filled up with blood. I screamed, and then I went to the emergency room. 


  •  I was at my friend’s house, and this was 2014, so I was in between seventh grade and eighth grade. My friend had this rope swing, and I’d been on it once before. I wanted to go on it again, and so I climbed up there. You sit on this plank at the top of the tree, and you have to throw the rope up. Then you come off the plank, but the rope doesn’t catch slack until four or five feet after the drop.

    The rope was starting to fray, but I was already up there, so I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll just do it.’ I got there, (and) it took them like 30 minutes to get me the rope swing, so I was up there for a super long time before it happened. I just leapt, and I caught slack with the rope. The rope just immediately snapped. I fell right on my butt, and it compressed my back. I had a fractured back for the next four weeks. And my friend, he got it on video too, so there’s a video of it. Right before it, my friend’s like, ‘Yeah the rope might snap, Tim might die.’ He was just messing around, and then the rope snapped. 


  •  I once had my chin split because I did not buckle my seat belt while I was in the car, and I leaned over to talk to someone, and I fell out of the car and split my chin. I should’ve closed (the door), but then I opened it, and I just fell out. To this day, I still don’t know how I fell out … They gave me anesthesia, and I was awake while the (doctor) stitched up my chin. It looked really horrifying. 


  •  I was going to softball practice—it was the first practice of the season—and I tried on my mitt, and there was a spider in the mitt, and I got bit by the spider. I was in the hospital for a week. It hurt pretty bad. Well, honestly at first I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t know there was even a spider in there. My mom crushed the mitt, and then the spider came … It was a venomous spider, so that’s why I was in the hospital. It was scary. 


  •  When I was five years old, I had nothing better to do, so I started skipping (rope) with a towel, which ended me with a sprained ankle. I was rushed to the ER, where I was made to sit in a wheelchair for three hours before they could just wrap it and send me back home.

    Another time, I was jumping on the bed, and I sprained the same ankle again, but I did not go to the hospital. I just wrapped it myself. 


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