April Fools’ Pranks

  • “In third grade, April Fools’ Day, I completely forgot it was April first, and we’re at lunch and I had a Capri Sun, and it was Wild Cherry Flavor, and I accidentally spilled some on my friend Mitchell who happened to be sitting next to me. And at the time he was allergic to a lot of things, so when I spilled some on him, I felt bad so I was like, “My bad, man.” He goes, “Oh it’s fine. It’s not cherry right?” I was like, “Yeah it is cherry, why?” He starts freaking out like “I’m allergic to cherries!” (He) starts to frantically scratch himself over and over again. He pretends like he’s about to have an allergic reaction. And me, in my opinion being a good friend, I started freaking out and I felt horrible because, you know, I thought he was (going to) die. I got really really emotional because I felt horrible, of what I thought was happening, and just before I was (going to) go call for help, he stops and goes, “April Fools’!” It was probably one of the biggest April Fools’ jokes played on me because I was really impressed by how he was able to think of the joke so quickly and in the moment.” 

  • “(When I was) seven years old, I didn’t know you could lock the microwave by holding the off button for three seconds. So my brother did this to me, so I couldn’t microwave food for about a week. I was really confused because no one else was upset.” 

  • “I have really bad allergies, I’m allergic to a lot of stuff, really bad eczema, and so in elementary school, I was kind of known as the kid who was allergic to everything. Me and Stone Chen were in the same class and then one day at lunch it was April Fools’ Day. He was drinking a cherry flavored juice pouch, and he got a little on my hand. So I took the opportunity to scratch my arm throughout lunch. Through the lunch period I continued to scratch my arm, acting like something was bothering me. But as I was scratching it, it was turning red, until eventually I go, ‘Stone, I don’t know what was in that stuff, was there like cherry in there or something?’ Knowing that it was cherry, but he grabbed it and looked at it and said, ‘Yeah there’s cherry, is that an issue?’ And I’m like ‘Yeah Stone I’m allergic to cherry!’ In hindsight maybe not the safest prank ever, but (I) pretended to be like, ‘Stone I’m having trouble breathing,’ and as soon as he raised his hand to get a lunch monitor, I’m like ‘No Stone I’m just messing with you.’ He was freaking out, he was really freaking out.” 

  • “I put clear tape around the sink hose handle, and I had this girl rinse out a cup for me, and she turned it up all the way and it sprayed her in the face. She was like “What the heck?” And she didn’t turn off the sink so it just kept spraying her, and she couldn’t figure out why it was happening.” 

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